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Delrin bushings

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Subject: Delrin bushings
From: "Schotland" <schotbus@cyberenet.net>
Date: Thu, 21 Aug 1997 01:21:16 +0000

You can buy a complete set of upper and lower A-arm bushings from Doug 
Jennings of Tiger Auto, Dayton, OH, for about $70.  He'll probably 
sell you the lowers alone, if that's all you need.  His phone # is in 
the suppliers section of the Tiger website.

Gary Schotland

> Hi all,
>         The other day I stated that I was going to try to melt some acytel
> (Derlin) into an old A arm bushing to replace the rubber.  Well forget it.
> I tried.  I cleaned the inner and outer shell of a lower A arm bushing of all
> the old rubber and rust.  I then built a Jig to hold everything in alignment.
> I used a second outer shell above the one in the jig as a resevoir to hold the
> initial unmelted acytel resin.  I heated the thing in the oven to 375 F
>  (the previous days test of melting point).  The plastic was too viscous
>  to run down into desired area. I took it out and attempted to press the 
> resin in with a wooden dowel.  No luck except for about 1/2 ".
>  I then increased the temperature to 400 F hoping it would thin down
>  and flow.  The plastic simply boiled out of the mold and from the 
> arid smell, it apparently had started breaking down.  I just wasted 2"
> of Derlin.  
> Still need a source of lower A arm bushings.
> Jim Barrett Tiger II 351C and others

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