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Re: 302 FI

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Subject: Re: 302 FI
From: nicholsj@oakwood.org
Date: Mon, 21 Jul 97 09:23:42 EST
     At least one person has put a HO 302 F.I. in a Tiger and the beast 
     resides in the Detroit area.  I don't know the person who did it but 
     it can be done.  There was some recontouring of the fender 
     well/firewall as I recall.  The car has shown up at some of the Ford 
     meets over the past few years.

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Subject: 302 FI
Author:  Anita & Jim Barrett <anitabrt@mindspring.com> at INTERNET
Date:    7/20/97 3:56 PM

At 07:30 pm 7/18/97 -0500, you wrote: 
>    I have been following the  email postings and find them to be very 
>informative. I am contimplating an engine swap in my tiger, and thought I 
>would try and gain some input from other tiger owners.
>    I have a chance to purchase a 1990 HO 302 with AOD trans from a 
>Mustang. The engine and trans were installed in a 1984 Cougar. The owner 
>has claimed it to be adaptable to any early model car. He has a custom 
>harness from Motorsports which will allow a 5 wire hook up! I will need 
>to investigate this info. any help would be appreciated.
>    The engine with computer, harness, sensors and fuel injection system 
>( sequential fuel injection ) are to be sold together. The  engine was 
>bored .30 over with hyperutechtic pistons, polished and ported heads, K & 
>N conical filter charger, 3 core radiator with 10" pusher fan, polished 
>100 amp alternator, headers, braided throttle linkages and kickdowns,etc. 
>   I am curious as to the ease of installation into my tiger.  Any help 
>or comments would greatly be appreciated.
>The price for the complete package is fairly reasonable. I 
>would need to move fast however to aquire the package.
>Kirt Jenssen B9473199
>kjenssen@juno.com  chicago, Ill.   ( 773 )  445-3641 
       1. Check the height of the fuel injection assy compared to 
the top of your Tiger's air cleaner to see if your hood would 
close without a big scoop.  Also check that the assy would not
 run into the firewall.  Low valve covers are used on Tigers to
clear the firewall.
       2. The sheet metal around the transmission may have to be
adjusted to clear the automatic.  The shifter mounting will require 
more sheet metal work.
      3. The drive shaft may have to be modified.
       4. The radiator from the Mustang will not fit the Tiger.
       5. You could use a large transmission oil cooler in front of
the Tiger radiator to cool the automatic.  Adjust hoses to fit.
        6.The Motor should drop in on the original Tiger motor mounts.
       7. The exhaust manifolds probably will not fit.  You need a set of
Tiger headers modified to mount the O2 sensor.
        8. The throttle linkage will probably have to be the Tiger
linkage or a similar modification to the mustang cable.
        9. The kick down linkage may have to be modified if
it is a rigid shaft.  There is not much room for this.
       10. Check the location of the speedometer cable mount in
the automatic compared to the original Tiger's location in the 4 speed.
       11. The 302 runs the fan backward from the old 260/289.
Check for clearance between the lower pully and the steering rack. 
Don't know if the water hoses are the same location as the Tiger. 
If not then you must modify the radiator or change the front of the
motor to the old style V belt pullys.  You may not be able to use the 
old lower Tiger pully if it has 3 holes and the 302 damper has 4 holes. 
You could always have the pully redrilled if necessary.
Check it out.
      12. The timing mark may be in a different location than the Tiger
and may be difficult to see when the motor is installed in a Tiger.
        13. Last but not least, you could use the 302 as a long block
and replace everything that doesn't fit in the Tiger with original Tiger 
parts.  Add a late model 50oz. unbalance flywheel and a pilot bearing
 to the 302 and install it with the Tiger transmission/clutch setup.
(no drive shaft problems here).(you CAN NOT use the original Tiger 
flywheel as it is 23oz unbalance.)
Jim Barrett Tiger II 351C and others

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