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Re[2]: Almost a great car

To: tigers@Autox.Team.Net, Ray Bridenbaugh <briden@norcross.mcs.slb.com>
Subject: Re[2]: Almost a great car
From: nicholsj@oakwood.org
Date: Mon, 21 Jul 97 16:53:49 EST
     Not a sales ad, sales ads are not critical of the car they sell.  I 
     agree it's a way for BMW to get in touch with potential buyers, just 
     use a bogus phone number and salesmen will not call.

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Subject: Re: Almost a great car
Author:  Ray Bridenbaugh <briden@norcross.mcs.slb.com> at INTERNET
Date:    7/21/97 4:21 PM

Sounds like a sales add.  Why own a car that can get run down by a Miata 
which costs over $10,000 less.  Tiger is still the best bang for the buck.
At 02:56 PM 7/21/97 EST, nicholsj@oakwood.org wrote: 
>     I drove a BMW Z3 over the weekend and found it to be a good roadster 
>     that needs more power to be a great car. The 6 cyl version should pep 
>     it up and put it in the upper echelon of sports cars. Two things 
>     surprised me about the car: 1)lack of gauges, no oil pressure or 
>     voltmeter gauge(include a substandard radio)  2) nonfunctional vent 
>     windows like an Alpine or Tiger. I guess Rootes wasn't the only 
>     manufacturer that's too cheap to make working vent windows. 
>     BMW is holding a promotion around the country where they donate $1 per 
>     mile up to 1,000,000 miles to breast cancer research.  You get to 
>     choose which of their cars to drive and it costs you nothing.  If it  
>     comes to your locale, check it out.

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