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Re: Gear ratio

To: tigers@Autox.Team.Net
Subject: Re: Gear ratio
From: "A. C. Tynes" <actynes@communique.net>
Date: Wed, 23 Jul 1997 13:45:02 -0500 (CDT)
Concerning using a Ford T-5 5-speed in a Tiger, 

Steve Laifman wrote:

>I would be careful of using the "World Class" Ford 5spd OD, or the
>earlier model. The size will not fit your tunnel, and it is not very

> There is now
>reasonable way you could touch the gas pedal, or climb an incline,
>without a shift. OK for economy. This is about what the OD automatics
>do, but they up-shift the instant you demand any power.

I have a '95 Mustang GTS 302 with the T-5 and a 3.08 rear end. At 70 miles
per hour I turn about 1,900 RPM with no feeling that the engine is lugging
at all.

With a 3,500 pound car I have no problem maintaining or increasing speed
going uphill and can accelerate any time I want to without downshifting.
Sure, dropping to fourth or third makes it quicker, but it isn't a slug in

>From long ago memory, I suspect that acceleration from 70-90 in fifth in the
Mustang is not much different from 70-90 in fourth in my long gone Mark I 260.

The top loader is probably stronger, after all they have been factory
installed in everything from big block Fords to 4 wheel drive V-8 Jeeps, and
the T-5 may be a problem to install. But behind a basically stock late model
302 in a Tiger with a bit lowere ratio rear, the T-5 may be good for some
terrific off the line performance with very relaxed cruising RPM.

All advice worth no more than price paid. <g>

And, BTW, Steve I sure wish I had seen your signature line before I let my
Tiger get away.

A. C. Tynes
Usetobe owner of a Mark I, now making do with a Mustang.

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