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Re: Print VS.list

To: Alan Zeni <wizard@silcom.com>
Subject: Re: Print VS.list
From: twojohnsons@home.com
Date: Sat, 01 May 1999 09:15:40 -0400
Beyond the sanctimonious whining, there is more than a grain of truth to the
current debate on the  relative worth of newsletters & instant web-based
correspondence. They are two different media that could be complimentary but
clearly are not. The instant tech tip response is a strength of the web/list
that will always surpasses the capacity of any newsletter. But there are
many otherwise bright and curious people who are not computer literate and
don't wish to be. And computer words disappear into cyberspace the way that
newsletters won't. I think there are two different audiences. And the
newsletter world is much bigger---and older. One won't replace the other in
the short term. And I know organizing for print is a busy and thankless job.
There is a place for the well crafted newsletter, but it's a daunting task
for a volunteer.
The newsletter should feed off this list's postings. Parts, events  & tips
are the lifeblood of the club, and this list should be a primary source.
When I was actively submitting info, Herb Mosely ---CAT's thorough and
brilliant tech notes guy--- wasn't tuned in to this list, and not much if
any of what was passing for tech info appeared in the newsletter. The two
should come together. And I think w/out a newsletter, clubs can't respond to
far-flung members asking the "what do I get for my dues money " question.
Al J.

Alan Zeni wrote:

> Open letter to all involved with the CAT/newsletter issue:
> I'm usually one to sit back and listen but, this back & forth "flaming"
> should be done in private.  You are dragging all of us down into this
> personal fight.  I've seen what has looked like private responses to a
> letters responded to, on the public forum, with totally inappropriate
> and pointed language personally attacking the respondent.  If you have
> an issue with a person, deal with them, don't politicize it and drag all
> of us in.  This HAS been a good forum for information but if this
> continues, it's just a click away from "unsubscribe".............
> Let the responses begin!

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