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RE: new cat in the cat house

To: "Windsor Owens" <wowens@etec.com>, <tigers@autox.team.net>
Subject: RE: new cat in the cat house
From: "Allan Connell" <alcon@earthlink.net>
Date: Mon, 3 May 1999 22:38:08 -0700

Welcome to the clan!

Get the Factory Service Manual from Rick at Sunbeam Specialties in Campbell,
CA.  (If you need the phone number, I can look it up for you on an
invoice....408 area code, US.,) ;-0>  Also, Rick's catalog is a fairly good
parts book as well.  Let the list know if we can be of assistance.

Congrats on your new (to you) Tiger and welcome to the club.  Sans a TVR
Griffith (289 Hi-po,) it may be the last LBC you ever own!!



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> I can finally stop being a dreamer!  I OWN A TIGER!  YIPPPPEEEE!  It's a
> 1967 (!) Mk. IA.  What a fantastic driving experience!  I look forward to
> old age when osteoporosis sets in and I'll fit the car better, however!
> Now I realize that I need some litterature.  Specifically a parts book,
> service manual and a copy of the book of Norman.  I know that Normans book
> is NLA, so getting that is just another pipe dream.  But does anyone know
> where I might find a factory parts book and factory service manual.  You
> see, while the car runs, it just needs about a few hundred odd little bits
> put back on it to make it presentable.....
> Windsor
> P.S.  Thanks for the contact, Norman!

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