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Subject: Re: Shocks
From: "Jay Laifman" <Jay_Laifman@countrywide.com>
Date: Fri, 7 May 1999 14:30:19 -0700

I just called KYB.  Those front shocks were for a Dodge Dart, and their
full compression is 9.5".  The stock compression on the Alpine anyway (I am
assuming they are the same) is 8.875".

They had two other shocks listed that compress enough, and extend enough:

KG4507 - compress 8.14", extend 12.28"
KG4605A- compress 8.26", extend 12.4"

Stock extension is 12.125"

The 4605A is about 30% softer than the 4507.  He thought the 4605A would be
firmer than stock on the Alpine, the 4507 might be too stiff, but would be
fine for the Tiger.

The 4605A has a bottom steel sleeve that is 1.5" long, with a 12mm ID.
The 4507 has a bottom steel sleeve that is 1.5" long, with a 7/16" ID.
I easily pressed my stock sleeves into other shocks.  It can probably be
done here.

On the rubber bushings on top, he said their rubber bushings on top would
probably be undersized for either the Tiger or Alpine.  He suggested
picking up some stepped urethane mounts which are supposedly generally

For the rears 5522, those compress to 13.03" and extend to 21.3".  Stock is
12.5" and 20.25, respectively.  There is also KG4762 that compress to 13.6
and extend to 21.73.  I forgot to ask about the respective pressures on the
rear shocks.

Remember that although you probably won't extend a shock when driving, you
will do so when jacking up the car.  So your entire suspension will be
hanging by your shocks.

I have Monroe 2067 on my fronts and Gabriel 42340 Red Ryder on the rears.
They are a bit soft.


P.S. Their number in Chicago is 800 592-2677.

Jay Laifman
05/03/99 08:56 AM

To:   richards@northcoast.com@internet, tigers@autox.team.net@internet
Subject:  Shocks

You wrote:

>I just purchased some KYB shocks for the Tiger.  The numbers are:
>Price-$40.00 each.

What kind of car are they from?  Where did you get the numbers?  I called
KYB directly about 5 years ago.  They went through their lists with me.
But, they could never find one for the front that was short enough not to
bottom out on compression.  Do you know the compression and extention
figures on them?


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