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Sunbeam Drought / British Car Week

To: Tigers@autox.team.net, alpines@autox.team.net
Subject: Sunbeam Drought / British Car Week
From: Chris.S.Mottram@ecc.com
Date: Mon, 17 May 1999 16:29:53 -0400
I have been working in England for a few weeks.  I travelled from Cornwall
to London and Back (10 hours round trip), and spent a lot of time in and
about London.  No Sunbeams  :-(    I saw a bunch of B's, a TR3, minis minis
minis*, Morris Minors, Etype jags, TVRs, New Lotus Esprits (or was it an
Elise?), lots of MGF, and a few Morgans.  I'm driving mine when I get home
next week for British Car Week.

*  This weekend there was the 1999 mini cruise from London to Bristol, in
which there were 1999 minis.


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