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Re: A Bit Of A Sputter

To: rpalmer@ucsd.edu
Subject: Re: A Bit Of A Sputter
From: SJC Worldwide <rootes@ix.netcom.com>
Date: Tue, 20 Feb 2001 23:07:12 -0800
Bob Palmer wrote:

> Steve,
> It sounds to me like you need to increase your main (front) metering jets a
> couple of sizes. If, for example, there are 64's in there now, increase at
> least to 66's. First, though, check the front float level to make sure it
> isn't too low, which would also make it run lean. The fuel level with the
> engine hot should be just level with the bottom of the hole. It is very easy
> to misadjust the float level. The rear jets should be six or eight sizes
> bigger than the fronts. Re-check the rear float level too just to be safe.
> You can do it either with the engine idling, or turn it off and check it if
> you're afraid of fire.
> Bob

Hello Bob:
You might be right about the front float level. When I first got the carb on
last week I noticed that the fuel level for the front float was about half way
up the sight glass (the carb has the Holley "see through" float plugs so you
don't have to take them off to check the level). I adjusted the float down so
that the fuel was just slopping over the bottom edge of the hole. The rear float
seemed just about right. However, I don't think I checked the adjustment at full
engine temp. on either. Do you mean that if I adjusted the float level down when
the engine is cool, the level would end up lower than that when the engine heats

If that's the case, I'll adjust the level back up tommorow. I'll also have to
check the jetting if this doesn't solve the problem but Holley, when I described
my engine, said this carb should be jetted just about right out of the box for a
maybe 250-300 HP 289.

Steve Sage

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