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Help-Crazy TIger

To: tigers@autox.team.net
Subject: Help-Crazy TIger
From: CoolVT@aol.com
Date: Fri, 15 Aug 2003 16:48:06 EDT
I need some opinions and free advice;-)

I filled the Tiger with gas, drove it home 100 miles in a rain storm. It ran 
fine.  I went to start it about 5 days later...it started right up,  but ran 
rough with no power.  I could only get it under way by really slipping the 
clutch.  I figured it was the same problem that I had last year...bad gas or 
water had somehow gotten into the gas during the rainy drive.  I hooked up a 
portable tank with fresh gas and no better at all.  The symptoms had been 
almost exactly as the bad gas situation down to the back fire if the car was 
and let off suddenly.

I checked the gas supply into the carb., checked the dwell and timing.  I 
then proceeded to remove and ground one plug wire at at a time (at the 
distributor).  The RPM never changed with any plug wire off.   When the final 
wire was 
replaced I noticed that the car had smoothed out. I drove it for 20 miles and 
it was perfect.  

So, anyone have an idea of what is going on?  Up here in the north country 
when a car won't start or runs rough in cold or wet weather we always replace 
the distributor cap first.  Some people with hard starting cars brought them 
into the house on cold nights:-)  Could I have a very fine crack or defective 
that would give me these symptoms?

Now I wonder if last year's problem was not gas at all,but this same thing.  
Although last year is smoothed out immediately when served with fresh gas from 
a portable tank.

Thanks for the suggestions that I know I will get.
Mark L.

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