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Ride Height

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Subject: Ride Height
From: "Tom Witt" <wittsend@jps.net>
Date: Tue, 19 Aug 2003 17:24:07 -0700
   After over a year with the front end up in the air I was finally able to
put the Tiger back on all four paws. I used the CAT springs that are often
noted for having to be cut for the proper ride height. However, when I bought
them Dan Walter was there and commented that "now" (2001 version) people were
saying that they were too low and recommended that if I found them to be such
that I add a second rubber donut.
  At this point my car is gutted of the interior, steering column, hood, front
bumper, headlights, horns and radiator fluids (oh yea, the trunk is void of
the battery and spare). Regardless, the ride height looks relatively level (as
best one can tell viewing in a small garage). I have looked at pictures of
other Tiger's using the bottom of the door and the center of the wheel and
again gotten a close resemblance.
   I was hoping that I could get a few owners to measure the distance from the
bottom/center of the crossmember to the floor and the diameter of their tires
( I currently have a not too common 215-60-13) in the hopes of getting a
relative idea as to where I should be. I would rather not use side sill to
floor measurements due to the arc the make and because my sills are
replacements, and.... well.... I welded them in (enough said).
Thanks to any who can help (or make other recommendations). Tom Witt B9470101

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