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Re: 98 exploder answer

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Subject: Re: 98 exploder answer
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Date: Sun, 24 Aug 2003 17:07:32 -0700
It is AMAZING how modern cars eat their wires.
My last daily driver was a '94 Ford Probe GT that developed a heisitation on
that had me convinced was some kind of faulty sensor or vacuum hose or
problem.. spent a month with the shop manual going through everything (the
engine compartment
is a mass of wires, hoses, sensors, gizmos...) only to find everything was
perfect.  My
brother did say first thing to change the wires.. BUT I ohmed them out, they
were perfect.
I sprayed water on them while the engine was running to look for insulation
I visually examined and cleaned them.. they looked and seemed to be like
I couldn't find anything else so I bought a new aftermarket set...  BINGO,
that fixed it
like new...   STUPID ENGINEER!!

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Subject: 98 exploder answer

> Thanx to all who responded to my missing/popping exploder.As it turns
> was the ignition wires.I first cleaned the injectors,per a dealer
> no results.I decided to bite the bullet and buy a set of wires( $72-$152
at the
> dealer-I chose napa)and it now runs better and with more powerthan I
> it having.
>  Thanx again for all the responses.
>        Kevin Rodgers PTC  (now I can get back to Starke's Tiger)

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