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The Noise Problem Is Solved!

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Subject: The Noise Problem Is Solved!
From: Sage <ssage@socal.rr.com>
Date: Sun, 31 Aug 2003 14:50:43 -0700
Thanks to all the great suggestions from the list about what my weird 
noise was on hard acceleration only. It had sounded like it was coming 
from under the passenger floorboard, and sometimes toward the back of 
the car, sometimes more from the front.

I should have figured this out earlier, but the cause of the noise 
turned out to be the Tiger's water bottle bracket (the piece welded to 
the engine compartment panel in the front). It's amazing how that noise 
at no time seemed like it was coming from the engine compartment.The 
motor mounts must be cracked or sagging since it turns out that under 
full acceleration, with the engine torquing to the right, my A/C 
compressor pulley (which is hung from the old stock generator bracket 
and to the engine) was just making contact with the edge of the water 
bottle bracket. Under close inspection, two groves were worn into the 
bracket, exactly lining up with the compressor pulley edges.

As a temporary fix before I get the motor mounts replaced I used a 
Dremel grinder to take off about 1/3" at the end of the water bottle 
bracket. The noise is completely gone now even after repeated full pedal 
to the metal runs. Now that I've gotten rid of my pinging (had to retard 
the timing more than I like, though) and the bracket noise, and can put 
the pedal all the way down again without worrying, all I need is about 
100 more horepower to make me happy.

Steve Sage
Tiger MK1A

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