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Re: Jay Leno's 1st collector car - Sunbeam Tiger

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Subject: Re: Jay Leno's 1st collector car - Sunbeam Tiger
From: "Al Johnson" <twojohnsons@cox.net>
Date: Fri, 27 Feb 2004 14:28:20 -0500
Used to have a sign in my office that said....
"Good Deeds Seldom Go Unpunished."

> I was on the freeway a few months ago and I saw these five guys stuck with
> an old car. I pull up and they're all talking in Spanish. So I say, "Are
> okay?" And they say, "Si, si," and so I offer my telephone.
> One guy says, "Gracias," and he dials a number. He talks for a few
> then passes the phone to the next guy, who talks awhile, then passes it
> Finally, all five have spoken and I'm thinking okay, what the heck.
> I ask for the phone back and go on my way.
> A month later, I get my phone bill for that call: $98! Turns out they
> their mother in El Salvador. I'm thinking they're calling the tow truck
> they're calling El Salvador on my cellphone.

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