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Re: [Tigers] New Sunbeams ???

To: sralsten@ca.rr.com
Subject: Re: [Tigers] New Sunbeams ???
From: Steve Laifman <SLaifman@SoCal.rr.com>
Date: Mon, 12 Jan 2009 10:55:56 -0800
Steve R.,

Very Interesting!  I think that has been around a while.

HOWEVER, way back in June of 2003 a group of Tiger owner's contributed 
their future vision of what a "2005" Tiger might look like.

Some great ideas from some familiar names!



Steve Laifman
Editor - TigersUnited.com

sralsten@ca.rr.com wrote:
> Maybe this is old news but I just noticed this over at TEAE. Maybe a new 
>Tiger coming ? Seems to be a USA company but this page indicates a RH drive 
> I'll send them an email asking how to get a new Tiger just for fun. It would 
>seem any resurection of manufacture of new Tigers would increase interest and 
>value in original Tigers.
> http://www.sunbeamamerica.com/tiger.html
> Steve
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