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[Tigers] Stock Ford Engine study

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Subject: [Tigers] Stock Ford Engine study
From: " Ron Fraser" <rfraser@bluefrog.com>
Date: Wed, 14 Jan 2009 10:35:48 -0500
To all

Well it's a sunny 8 Degrees F here so I'm inside now, on the computer
thinking about stock Tiger, Ford engine configuration again.

First, thank you to all who have already participated and helped me with
this project.

I have embarked on this project to document the different stock Ford engine
configurations used for the Tiger MK I through MK II with respect to the
Ford part numbers and date codes.   Originally I was just looking at the
B19KA engine group which turned up the fact that some engines were built
early in 1965, painted black, and some were built late in 1965, painted Ford
Corporate Blue.

The expanded project now include all 13 Tiger engine groups and the
possibility of uncovering more interesting facts about our Marque.

My goal here is to add to our knowledge base and to try and answer some
questions this list has asked; especially concerning the B19KA group of
I would definitely like to see more information about this group of engines
and the early one's painted black.

If you still have the original stock Ford engine for your Tiger or the
original parts on hand; I hope you will participate.    I would like to hear
from you.

If you have any questions about other Ford engine Parts you have, casting #s
or date codes, I will gladly try to answer them.

Please respond offline.

Here is the information I'm looking for about the stock, original Ford,
Tiger engine:

Tiger Vin number -
Rootes engine number -

Engine casting number -
Engine casting date -
These numbers are just above the starter.  If the engine is not out of the
car, do not include these numbers unless you know what they are.

Intake manifold casting number -
Intake manifold casting date -
These numbers are on the front 2 runners, the casting date looks like a
small plate on the lower runner

Engine build date -
This number is stamped on a machined pad on the left side just above one of
the water pump bolts and in front of the head.
If the engine has been decked, it maybe gone.

Engine Tag numbers -
This is a small aluminum Tag mounted to the intake manifold, should be to
the left side of the carb and has 2 rows of numbers.
If you do not have this Tag, please state that too.

Thank You
Ron Fraser
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