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[Tigers] strapping Servos

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Subject: [Tigers] strapping Servos
From: Rollright@aol.com
Date: Tue, 27 Jan 2009 16:54:21 EST
Well friends,
After spending Sunday afternoon with Tod Brown on and off the phone,  looking 
at pictures in Tiger books, I tried calling Tiger Tom. He said he didn't  
remember but to try Rick at SS.
Monday I called Rick on a couple of subjects, this being one of them. He  
spoke uncategorically and stated:
5.5" boosters should have a strap around the steel vacuum canister with a  
bracket that ties it to the firewall
7" boosters should have no strap (and no bracket)
This is in fact what I heard from the people kind enough to look or  remember 
their cars when newer. Servos happen to be the kind of item that goes  in and 
out of the car with irritating regularity. My car, purchased by me in  1976 
had gone through three P.O.s. It should have had a 7" servo (382002083) but  
had a 5.5". So, somewhere down the line it had packed up and was replaced by a  
5.5". I bought a 7" , rebuilt it and got that 
yellow striped hose from that guy in England and plan to install it this  
summer but there is always a detail or two that hangs out there.
BTW: can anyone supply a picture of the intermediate bracket that goes  
between the aluminum casting on the servo and the mounting base welded to the  
inside of the passenger/engine bay ? Or am I dreaming?
Best regards,
Jim  Armstrong
Mk 1A  382002083

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