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Subject: Re: [Tigers] What did you do in the War, daddy
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Date: Sat, 9 Jan 2010 10:04:36 -0800
So Steve, it was YOU who was responsible for all that racket I had to put up 
with when I was living in Canoga Park during the '50s and '60s!



The Daily News has just published an article about the Rocketdyne F-1
rocket motor on display at their former headquarters in Canoga Park. It
is now occupied by Pratt & Whitney.  This giant rocket was used in the
Saturn launch Lunar Landing in 1969, in a group of 5 on the first stage.
It was tested as early as 1957.

I am a bit proud of that achievement, and played an significant role in
the design and development of the rocket engine.

Well, when you get older, your earlier memories become more dear.  Now,
if only I could figure out how to get THAT engine in my Tiger ( and
someone who would drive it!  What's Dr. Mayf up to?  He will drive
ANYTHING that is fast.)

Many have seen the Salt Lake rocket sled tests at Salt Lake, near the
"flats".  That was just a small rocket that bent the doctor's face
around his skull.  Can you IMAGINE 1,500.000 lbf thrust??


and a Wikipedia article (with lots of pics):


Keep 'em Flying!



Steve Laifman
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