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Re: [Tigers] Don Adams Tiger

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Subject: Re: [Tigers] Don Adams Tiger
From: David Sosna <sosnaenergyconsulting@cox.net>
Date: Mon, 11 Jan 2010 13:37:23 -0800
Hey, Jere!
Yeah, Smitty did the conversion, I held the wrenches (and wrote the 
I saw the car at Tigers United in 2005, after she'd Get Smarte'd it--it 
looked really good! Didn't have the rocket launcher at the time, though.
Sue did a really nice job of making the car look snazzy--and it's the 
V-6 that was the 'sound-'o-the-Tiger in the recent Get Smart movie--go 

Best Regards
David (still lurking about)

Teepen, Jere wrote:
> The woman mentioned below is Sue Kesler.  She is a huge Get Smart fan.  She
> was instrumental in the organization of the Luncheon with Don Adams several
> years ago at Van Nuys Airport (Aero 5th Squadron Restaurant) sponsored by CAT,
> Don Adams' last public appearance. She also has contact with Barbara Feldon,
> who rarely makes any appearances.
> The car in question was owned by David Sosna (I know you are reading this!)
> from San Diego, and I believe it had the V-6 conversion when he got the car.
> Sue bought it about 8 or 9 years ago, maybe longer, and had it painted red and
> had a friend in the movie/TV prop business make the machine gun.  She did a
> really good job making it look like a stock Tiger from outward appearances.
> Jere
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