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[Tigers] The Tiger at Scottsdale

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Subject: [Tigers] The Tiger at Scottsdale
From: Tom Hall <modtiger@comcast.net>
Date: Sat, 23 Jan 2010 16:35:36 -0800
Brad Hall, the current owner and no relation, called me this morning 
with a report.  There is a lot of damage but only one minor injury at 
the site.  He has three cars in this event and his other two cars had 
some damage but the "Tiger Survivor" survived this incident with out 
harm. It had been staged between two larger cars (surprise) and they 
each did a good job of fending off poles, rigging and tent fabric, 
saving this Tiger from harm and un-needed restoration.

It's my understanding that Russo & Steele will begin the auction 
Sunday morning.  The Tiger will likely come up early given the 
previous schedule and fallout from the storm damage.  I'm thinking 
Brad would just as soon it not sell and trailer it back to Kansas and 
enjoy it a few more years.  He will let me know the outcome in any case.

Tom Hall
ModTiger Engineering LLC
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