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[Tigers] 66 or 67?

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Subject: [Tigers] 66 or 67?
From: Tod Brown <todbrown@roadrunner.com>
Date: Sat, 30 Jan 2010 14:21:06 -0500
I am in the same category as a couple of others here who have reported 
Tigers that were manufactured in 1966 but titled as a 1967.  In my case, 
I bought my Tiger new in October of 1966 (it came off the Jensen line in 
August) but the powers that be at the New York DMV decided it was to be 
titled as a 1967 and it has always said so on my registration.  When I 
and my Tiger moved to Maine, I presented the NY registration at the 
Maine DMV and they registered it as a 1967.  I guess I could have 
objected, but, then again, you probably have never waited in line at the 
Maine DMV.  Net result, I have a 1967 MkIA Sunbeam Tiger which carries 
the license plate 67Tiger to tick the purists off even more.  We could 
have the same argument about a couple of Tiger II's that I have seen or 
heard of over the years that were title as 1968's and everybody knows 
there were none built that year.  To me, the year is not the important 
thing, it is whether it is a MkIA or a MkII.  What you call things 
doesn't matter too much, it seems to me.  It is the essence of the 
object that matters.  Of course, having come by my surname by way of 
what genealogists call a "non-paternal event" some 200 years ago, I am 
probably prejudiced.


Tod Brown (conceived 1940, born in 1941)
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