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[Tigers] LED Brake Lights

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Subject: [Tigers] LED Brake Lights
From: "Sigma Engineering" <sigmaengr@carolina.rr.com>
Date: Tue, 20 Aug 2013 14:14:50 -0400
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LED brake update....
I purchase my bulbs & electronic flasher from superbrightleds.com
The bulbs installed simple enough.  The old lucas FL5 flasher would not 
cycle, but i had bought the electronic flasher anyway since the lucas unit 
was acting up at times.  The new electronic flasher fit the socket , but the 
terminals were in a different orientation from the Lucas unit.  A quick swap 
of the spade lugs in the 3-prong socket & everything worked as expected.   I 
think the total cost was under $35 & that even included a brake light for my 
'76 BMW R90/6 plus a spare.  I feel much better about my upcoming road trip 
in a couple of weeks.


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Subject: Re: [Tigers] LED Brake Lights

> The easiest is to buy LED bulb replacements coloured to match the lens 
> (e.g. red for the brake lamp).  With white LEDs the brake lamps illuminate 
> with more of a pinkish glow.  With a separate turn lamp bulb there is no 
> need to mess with the turn signal flasher or any of the issues inherent in 
> the combined brake lamp/turn signal systems if all you want is brighter 
> brake lamps.  If you choose to replace the rear turn lamp bulbs, you will 
> also need to replace the original thermal flasher unit with an electronic 
> version rated for use with LEDs.  I've used the Tridon EP34 to replace 
> Lucas 3 prong flashers when installing LEDs with no problems.
> I've bought LED bulbs from ledlight.com and superbrightleds.com. Both 
> carry a range of choices for 1156/1157 style bulbs as well as instrument 
> lamp bulbs etc.
> --Alex Haugland
> On 8/11/2013 1:57 PM, Sigma Engineering wrote:
>> Hi group,
>> What is the easiest/best/cheapest way to change over to LED brake lights?
>> Thanks in Advance,
>> Chris
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