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Re: [Tigers] Header bolts locking strategies

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Subject: Re: [Tigers] Header bolts locking strategies
From: "Dave Munroe" <dave@munroe.ca>
Date: Wed, 21 Aug 2013 14:03:51 -0300
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 In a word Theo, Yes. Must have had brain "lock". Shoulda thought of that 
myself! Thanks for the boot.

My headers require that six of these bolts (three on each side) have very 
small heads to clear the pipes. Currently I have standard bolts in these 
locations that have the heads reduced to take the open end of a 7/16" 
wrench. This is not a satisfactory solution as you cannot get sufficient 
torque on them to keep them tight. Lock wire might fix this. The rest of the 
bolts are ARP socket head manifold bolts. The walls of the socket end of 
these bolts are too thin to reduce enough to fit by grinding. What I need 
are socket head bolts that have a reduced head diameter with the next size 
down Allen key. A strange bolt for sure, but I have not been successful in 
finding such an animal on the WWW. Any ideas?

Also, is it a bad idea to keep driving the car with a leak at the 
cyl.head/manifold joint? Any danger of damaging the head or header surfaces?

Thanks for your help!


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Can you drill the bolt heads for lock wire?

> Hi Guys:
> I know on race cars this is an ongoing problem and that bolt locks are
> usually fitted to prevent this fault. But the headers I have leave
> little room for these mechanical locks. Does anyone else have this
> problem, and is there a reasonable solution that doesn't require engine
> removal to effect?
> Perhaps a new set of headers? One of the many Loctite formulas that
> take high heat?
> Help!
> dave


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