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Re: [Tigers] Battery size type

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Subject: Re: [Tigers] Battery size type
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There was a post yesterday by Bob Petokas stating the size was 27 and he 
included pictures. Perhaps you didn't receive it?  Note that not all 
batteries are exactly the stated size common to their group size. There are 
minor variations.  Additionally, the tray underneath the battery, the height 
of the posts and how far down the battery clamps go on those posts (and even 
the clamp design - some arching upwards at the wire attachment point) can 
contribute to the total height being elevated.  Lastly the plywood surface 
might be arching downward from age or weight having been previously upon it.

So, just getting the original factory stated size of a group 27 battery 
might no alleviate the problem.  I'd measure the total height you can accept 
and then search for a Group 27 battery that meets that specific height. 
Most cars do not have the tight cover over the battery like the Tiger has. 
Thus small variations are not a problem in general. But with the Tiger the 
total height does potentially become an issue.  Your existing battery should 
have a Group number on it.  The internet is full of sites showing the 
generic stated dimensions of car batteries.  By this deduction you can see 
if you have a non-original size (thus you contact issues) or you need a 
group 27 battery shorter that the Group 27 battery you may now have (if in 
fact that is what you have).

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Subject: [Tigers] Battery size type

Maybe the list didn't see this question before, but I'm trying to find the 
battery size/type for the tiger. Seems like I need a new battery and I want 
to get the right size. The one that I have hits the plywood floor slightly 
and it is chipping away at it. Does anybody know? And oh by the way, one of 
the cells seems bad. Doesn't seem to want to hold a full 12 volt charge.
Help, guys!

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