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Re: [Tigers] 3030/00 exists!

To: jimdamelio <jimdamelio@verizon.net>
Subject: Re: [Tigers] 3030/00 exists!
From: Jay Laifman via Tigers <tigers@autox.team.net>
Date: Mon, 11 May 2020 16:43:05 -0700
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The owner said the gauge has been on the car since the '70s.

On Mon, May 11, 2020 at 4:40 PM jimdamelio <jimdamelio@verizon.net> wrote:

> Wow, I didn't think about that.  And the saga continues.
> Sent from my Samsung Galaxy smartphone.
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> From: Jim via Tigers <tigers@autox.team.net>
> Date: 5/11/20 7:20 PM (GMT-05:00)
> To: Jay Laifman <jay.laifman@gmail.com>
> Cc: Tiger's Den <tigers@autox.team.net>
> Subject: Re: [Tigers] 3030/00 exists!
> The big question is...is it original ??  I know for a fact that a few
> years ago someone had a guy =E2=80=98redo=E2=80=99 several clock faces to=
 what was thought
> a CE.3030/00 should look like..
> Jim
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> On May 11, 2020, at 3:50 PM, Jay Laifman via Tigers <tigers@autox.team.ne=
> wrote:
> FYI, this is on a Tiger with a late 1964 build date.
> On Mon, May 11, 2020 at 3:24 PM Jay Laifman <jay.laifman@gmail.com> wrote=
>> Here are pictures of an actual 3030/00!
>> Features noted:
>> orange arms.
>> 9 and 3 laying down.
>> Negative earth
>> Adjusters on the bottom.
>> Smiths name on the bottom
>> The SAOCA website was correct.
>> Now the question is, what is the difference between 3030/00 and 3131/00?
>> And where is my dad's 3030/00?
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<div dir=3D"ltr">The owner said the gauge has been on the car since the &#3=
9;70s.</div><br><div class=3D"gmail_quote"><div dir=3D"ltr" class=3D"gmail_=
attr">On Mon, May 11, 2020 at 4:40 PM jimdamelio &lt;<a href=3D"mailto:jimd=
amelio@verizon.net">jimdamelio@verizon.net</a>&gt; wrote:<br></div><blockqu=
ote class=3D"gmail_quote" style=3D"margin:0px 0px 0px 0.8ex;border-left:1px=
 solid rgb(204,204,204);padding-left:1ex"><div dir=3D"auto"><div dir=3D"aut=
o">Wow, I didn&#39;t think about that.=C2=A0 And the saga continues.</div><=
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r></div><div id=3D"gmail-m_4534150964612992471composer_signature" dir=3D"au=
to"><div style=3D"font-size:85%;color:rgb(87,87,87)" dir=3D"auto">Sent from=
 my Samsung Galaxy smartphone.</div></div><div dir=3D"auto"><br></div><div>=
<br></div><div style=3D"font-size:100%;color:rgb(0,0,0)" dir=3D"auto"><div>=
-------- Original message --------</div><div>From: Jim via Tigers &lt;<a hr=
ef=3D"mailto:tigers@autox.team.net"; target=3D"_blank">tigers@autox.team.net=
</a>&gt; </div><div>Date: 5/11/20  7:20 PM  (GMT-05:00) </div><div>To: Jay =
Laifman &lt;<a href=3D"mailto:jay.laifman@gmail.com"; target=3D"_blank">jay.=
laifman@gmail.com</a>&gt; </div><div>Cc: Tiger&#39;s Den &lt;<a href=3D"mai=
lto:tigers@autox.team.net" target=3D"_blank">tigers@autox.team.net</a>&gt; =
</div><div>Subject: Re: [Tigers] 3030/00 exists! </div><div><br></div></div=
>The big question is...is it original ??=C2=A0 I know for a fact that a few=
 years ago someone had a guy =E2=80=98redo=E2=80=99 several clock faces to =
what was thought a CE.3030/00 should look like..=C2=A0<div><br></div><div>J=
im</div><div><br><br><div dir=3D"ltr">Sent from my ShoePhone<div><br></div>=
</div><div dir=3D"ltr"><br><blockquote type=3D"cite">On May 11, 2020, at 3:=
50 PM, Jay Laifman via Tigers &lt;<a href=3D"mailto:tigers@autox.team.net"; =
target=3D"_blank">tigers@autox.team.net</a>&gt; wrote:<br><br></blockquote>=
</div><blockquote type=3D"cite"><div dir=3D"ltr">=EF=BB=BF<div dir=3D"ltr">=
FYI, this is on a Tiger with a late 1964 build date.</div><br><div class=3D=
"gmail_quote"><div dir=3D"ltr" class=3D"gmail_attr">On Mon, May 11, 2020 at=
 3:24 PM Jay Laifman &lt;<a href=3D"mailto:jay.laifman@gmail.com"; target=3D=
"_blank">jay.laifman@gmail.com</a>&gt; wrote:<br></div><blockquote class=3D=
"gmail_quote" style=3D"margin:0px 0px 0px 0.8ex;border-left:1px solid rgb(2=
04,204,204);padding-left:1ex"><div dir=3D"ltr">Here are pictures of an actu=
al 3030/00!=C2=A0=C2=A0<div>Features noted:</div><div>orange arms.</div><di=
v>9 and 3 laying down.</div><div>Negative earth</div><div>Adjusters on the =
bottom.</div><div>Smiths=C2=A0name on the=C2=A0bottom</div><div>The SAOCA w=
ebsite was correct.</div><div><br></div><div>Now the question is, what is t=
he difference between 3030/00 and 3131/00?</div><div><br></div><div>And whe=
re is my dad&#39;s 3030/00?</div></div>
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