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Re: Silver Paint

Subject: Re: Silver Paint
From: Joe Flake <>
Date: Mon, 29 Jul 1996 11:04:49 -0500 (EDT)
There have been several postings about the Ford equivalent
of the silver paint used for TR wheels and other things.
Here's what the group provided to me two years ago:

> Date: Fri, 4 Jun 93 08:16 EDT
>     Roger Garnett gave me these paint brands a while back:
>           DITZ     # DAR 2593
>        Duplicolor  # FM-149
>        Moss      # 220-560
>        Plasticote    # 1587 (may soften existing paint)
> I went to get the Duplicolor and the FM-149 only comes in 2 oz
> cans. However the same color is Duplicolor  # T229 at $5.13/can.
> This is the standard 8-10" high can.  I like the color and the
> quality.  I had sprayed my tires with Armour-all and it is very
> difficult to remove.  I have since been told that Walmart carries
> Armour-all Off in a blue and white container.  I need to get some
> of that.
> Don Mathis

I've found the T229 version at Pep Boys.

I've yet to find (or even hear other references) to the
"Armour-all off" product Don refers to.  Anybody know of this

Joe Flake
'72 TR-6

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