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TR6-Trouble with Fast Idle Set

Subject: TR6-Trouble with Fast Idle Set
Date: Thu, 1 Aug 1996 20:55:00 -0400
To all - 

All my recent posts had to do with esoteric questions in preparations for
future projects - I now have a real problem with an immediate project - I
will appreciate all thoughts on this subject . . . . 

Original symptoms - some valve "clatter", a little "back pressure" on
deceleration, and a fast idle setting at 2200-2500 RPM.

Our last tune up was 7-8 months ago so decided to go through the following:

Adjusted valves - set points - set timing (statically 12 BTDC, right on) -
checked dwell - synchronized carburators at idle (825 RPM) 

Results - less valve clatter - good power - runs great - idle is firm, no
hunting - less "back pressure"

Problem - set high idle according to Bently - HOWEVER when I engage it the
car stalls. Went ahead and extened the screws some thinking that it needed a
higher setting.  Same result, stall.

Now I can take my hands and push the set screws to increase the idle, it
draws alot more air through the carburators and doesn't increase idle
smoothly, but doesn't stall.

I have taken a screw drive and lifted the pistons 1/4" per Bently and engine
looses idle - indicating a lean mixture.

This might make sense (I guess) as more air is drawn through the engine
stalls - except with the choke pulled the exhaust belches black smoke ? ? ? ?
 (exhaust is fine a low idle and during driving)

If I disengage the vacuum line from the distributor the idle increases to
1300 (normal)

Does anyone have any ideas as to what is going on here?????

PS  I haven't started the car cold with the choke out - as it was warmed up
to do everything else - I don't expect that this would make a difference.



(Help me with this one and I promise I'll stick to real problems like this
one and leave those esoteric paint questions alone :-)

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