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Re: Body Frame TR250/6

Subject: Re: Body Frame TR250/6
From: J Barnhardt <>
Date: Sun, 10 Nov 1996 19:01:05 -0500
References: <> wrote:
> Does anyone have a sitting arround from a prior restoration a body frame to
> be used once the TR body is removed from the chassis?  $$$$ Best would be the
> Northeast US

I Have a TR250/6 frame and would be able to sell it.  It is the early 6 frame 
with the extra pieces around the lower front "A" arms.  It is completely 
restored.  Sandblasted and refinished in Imron products and clear coated.  
Suspension is completely rebuilt.  40,000 mile half shafts with new "U" 
joints.  Rear same milage.  No rack but one can be supplied.  Sway bar on 
front. NDH. Restored 6 wheels and LN Redlines.

Jamie Barnhardt  
1 (804) 758-2753

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