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Re: Questions about a 65 TR4

Subject: Re: Questions about a 65 TR4
From: Paul Burr <>
Date: Fri, 02 May 1997 11:14:06 +0100
Cc: triumphs@Autox.Team.Net
References: <>
> Hey All,
>         A friend a work is about to pickup a 65 TR4 for $4,000.  The car has 
> inter & paint.  Has the paperwork for an engine rebuild that was done
> less than a 1,000 miles ago.  It is complete from what he tells me.  No
> OD, and live axel.  I've warned him about the spots on the frame to
> check, but my assumption is they are they same spots as on a TR6, is this
> correct?
>         This sounds like a good deal to me, what do people think?
>         Also what should I tell my friend to be looking for on this car before
> he completes the purchase?
> Later,
John- be suspicious of a rot bucket hidden under that new paint. Bondo-
the poor mans panel replacement! Check for thick filler in the wheel
arches and rocker panels.
Since the car is a live axle, it won't have the rear trailing arm
brackets to crack and rust off. The rest of the frame will have the
usual weak spots. I do hope he gets a solid car, if it's a good one, the
price sounds very good.

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