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Re: Back to LBC's.

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Subject: Re: Back to LBC's.
From: David Massey <>
Date: Thu, 14 Aug 1997 19:06:27 -0400
Shane F. Ingate writes:
(edited for brevity)

>So for those folk who have a bad EGR valve, should they continue
>with their bad valve (and rough idle, pinging, overheating, loss of
>hp and high emissions) or should they take it off, and return the car
>to its "original" (read "as designed for the British and non-American
>markets) form?  It may even run a little cleaner, too.

>You are right, Trevor, we should think carefully about the emissions
>systems on our cars.  And then make an informed decision as to what
.value they provide today.

>       Shane Ingate in San Diego

Trevor and I are not advocating that you continue to use a bad polution
control device.  What we are advocating is against the removal of
perfectly good, properly operating polution control devices in an
attempt to get more HP when these devices don't detract from the Hp

The EGR is a case in point.  As I pointed out in my previous post
the EGR does not detract form the HP when it really counts which is
when the throttle is wide open.  At part throttle the Hp doesn't
matter since if you need more just press down a little bit more.
What really counts is at part throttle is fuel economy.  Does the EGR
impact fuel economy?  Probably a little bit but this is a hobby.  We
spend money we don't have to because we enjoy the cars.  Like boating.
Any gas burned boating is wasted in the strictest sense since it is
not mandatory travel.

There are much better ways to save gas than removing a properly
operating EGR valve.  For example buy a Miata (or any other modern
fuel injected car that will go about twice as far on a gallon).  And
if you really want to save gas, stay at home.

I think that we are afforded the luxury of driving around in our
LBC's because we do so in a responsible manner acting like the good
neighbors that we are and not spoiling the neighborhood any more
than we have to.  Its the same thing we expect our neighbors to do
for us, isn't it?  That is what civilization is all about.

Dave (if it ain't broke, don't fix it) Massey
St. Louis, MO USA

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