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Subject: Re: Question
From: "John Peacock" <>
Date: Sun, 2 Nov 1997 19:07:10 -0800

I am not a big fan of putting in that overweight Cast iron engine.  It
destroys all handling and is not all that cheap.  I found that a Rover V8
can be bought for about the same as the Chevy but you can use the old
trans.  The conversion is no more money either.  I am running 275hp in a
3.5 V8 and still can take a corner.  If you want the "American Power "
maybe a Camaro or Monza would be more suited.  BUT  I have seen some nice
conversions and if that is your thing then great.  The number for John's
Cars is 1-800-866-JAGS.  They do a lot of  V8 and V6 conversions.  Seem to
be the authority on the subject.


> From: Zach Grove <>
> To:
> Subject: Question
> Date: Sunday, November 02, 1997 2:03 AM
> Can anybody give me any info on where I can get some information via 
> the internet, mail, or by phone on puttin g a small block Chevy 
> engine in a TR7 Triumph??  I would appreciate any info you can give 
> me on this.  Thanks!
> Zach
> Zach Grove - Computer Consultant -

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