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Re #2: Wiring up my "new" compressor

To: Joe Worsley <>
Subject: Re #2: Wiring up my "new" compressor
From: Joe Worsley <>
Date: Mon, 10 Nov 1997 19:23:23 -0800
Cc: triumphs@Autox.Team.Net
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Joe Worsley wrote:
> Chris Prugh wrote:
> >
> > Joe,
> >         You wrote:
> > <snip>
> >
> > It sounds a little strange if these wires are where the power is to be
> > connected and goes to the switch.  Is it possible that you have a 3 phase
> > motor?
> >
> >  You should see a 3 and a zero with a shash bar through it on the info
> > plate if it is.  There may just be a line saying phase and a 3
> > stamped in it. These are standard colors for a 3 phase circuit and the
> > green would be ground.  How big of a motor (HP) is it.
> >
> > I went out and checked the plate (the only one with recognizable characters 
>on it)
> > It states, quite clearly I might add:  3 Phase Induction Motor
> > below that are various ratings as follows:
> >
> >         Volts   200     200     220
> >         Hz      50      60      60
> >         RPM     1420    1700    1720
> >         Amps    3.8     3.4     3.3
> >
> > I can't find a horsepower rating anywhere (at least in english)  Thanks for 
>your help ....
> > now, how can I wire it to my existing 220 (or can I?)
> >
> > Thanks again
> >
> > Chris Prugh
> > 72 Spitfar
> > Morgan Hill, CA
> Chris,
> I would say you are out of luck on the motor.  There are ways to do it
> but it's not practical for you.
> Your best bet is to buy a repalcement motor.  I can't remember how to
> do a approximate conversion to HP from the volts and amps.
> I believe that 1Hp is about 745 watts roughly.  But in a three phase
> motor I don't know.  I would say that it is about a 1 to 1 1/2 hp
> motor.  The equivalent single phase 220v motor would be more as the 3
> phase motor has more starting torque.  I would guess that you need at
> least a 2hp motor or possibly a little larger.  Don't forget that it is
> a slow speed motor.  You can find a compressor rated (high starting
> torque) with 1725 RPM very easy.  A motor shop could probably tell you
> what you need.
> I can't find my National Electrical code book that has all the info in
> it.  Can anyone out there give him a better estimate???
> You might have a real gem there.  It could be a two stage compressor
> with a starting pressure release.  Look at it closely and see if there
> appears to be any lines runing from one cylinder to the other or a
> clutch on the compressor pully shaft etc.
> If it is a commercial two stage type it wouldn't need a big of a motor
> due to the low starting requirement.  Try to spin the compressor and
> see if you get any pressur out of it wit the line to the tank loose.
> Good luck and post me back if I can help you more.
> Joe Worsley
> 80 TR8
> 72 TR6
> Tupelo, MS USA

After finding my Nat Elect. Code Book and eating dinner (more important 
than book) it looks like you have a 1hp 3 phase motor.

If it is a 1hp motor I would almost bet that you have a two stage 
compressor with easy strating capability.

Check it out and talk to a motor shop.  If it's new you might can work 
out a swap.  three phase moptors are cheaper than single phase motors as 
they don't have to be a big so you will find a little added booty will 
probably  be required even if it is a new motor.

Joe Worsley

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