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Re: TR6 OD Conversions...

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Subject: Re: TR6 OD Conversions...
Date: Sat, 15 Nov 1997 15:28:56 -0500 (EST)
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2 years ago I retro-fitted my '74 TR6 with a j-type overdrive tranny. It was
the very BEST modification that you can make to a TR6. I also make long
drives in my TR6. It rides better, gets better mileage, and it doesn't beat
me to death on a long drives. When I found my OD transmission they were rare
as hen's teeth. From what I'm told by some of my fellow RTR members, they
still are... only more so, and they've gotten pretty pricey too. I guess it's
supply and demand. If you don't find one here on the list I would suggest
trying at Carlisle and Bowie. Good luck. By the way did you get the parts I
sent you? How was the steering wheel?
Ken Nachman
Richmond (VA) Triumph Register
In a message dated 11/15/97 6:43:19 AM, wrote:

>I've had the desire to convert my TR6 to Overdrive for
>a few years now, especially since I do a lot of highway
>driving with my TR6s.  (I logged about 12K miles this
>year.)  However, now my search has become a little more
>important, as my '74 TR6 transmission has decided to make
>lots of really bad noises, and is clearly in need of a
>Thus, I am looking for a J-Type OD Transmission for a
>1974 TR6. (If you have an A-Type OD, I still may be
>interested for my '70.)  My current non-OD transmission
>is in need of rebuild, and I would like to upgrade to
>an overdrive unit. If you also have the needed electricals,
>that is a plus.  If you have an OD tranny available, send
>me an email ( or give me a call
>(603-471-0650) and we can come to agreement on
>price. (I'm in Bedford, NH.)
>VTR WWW Maintainer --
>70 & 74 TR6 Daily Drivers

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