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Re: Spitfire radiator hoses

To: Chris Prugh <>
Subject: Re: Spitfire radiator hoses
From: Joe Curry <>
Date: Sun, 16 Nov 1997 08:50:29 -0800
Cc: "'Triumph List'" <triumphs@Autox.Team.Net>
Organization: Curry Enterprises
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Chris Prugh wrote:
>         Another fix, similar to one mentioned earlier is to take the
> tire you have cut part of the sidewall from to make your new spring
> leaf pad (old thread), and cut a 2" x 3" section to insert between hose
> and bracket, fastening with black electrical wire wraps.  This is by far
> the most cost efficient fix as you can get a spent tire casing from any
> tire shop for nothing, and the tire sidewall can be cut for a variety of
> uses, from frame mounting pads to leaf spring bushes.  Contact me
> if any of this is unclear, or if you need more info re: Earl's products.
When you use an old tire (unless you already have one lying around) you
have another problem to contend with.  Here in Wshington, there is a fee
that is charged by tire shops on each tire that is sold.  It is called a
disposal fee.  You pay it whether they get your old tires or not.  So
what do you do with the rest of the old tire?  Probably, you pay
somebody to dispose of it.  Ot you could throw it on the roof ok your
Trailer house as I have seen numerous times as I have traveled in rural
areas.  What's up with that?

Joe Curry   '63 Spit

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