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1979 spitfire, misc info i guess

To: triumphs@Autox.Team.Net
Subject: 1979 spitfire, misc info i guess
From: "Larry Hooven" <>
Date: Mon, 05 Jan 1998 21:46:18 PST
Prepare yourselves for copious amounts of mis explanation and possibly 
inserting foot in mouth to knee, after all day on the phone explaining 
to people why their product doesnt work due to thier being morons, i 
sometimes lose command of the english language, but i do have some 
questions.  if you don't mind.

1...need a new top for the above mentioned car, VB, Moss and such list a 
headliner but no top in the general catalog, question is are these two 
seperate pieces like in a regular car and do i need both.

2...does anyone have experience with British Parts NW in dayton oregon 
for parts and such, and is the catalog worth the 2.50. they have a top 
for sale this month that is relatively inexpensive and would like to 
know about their service.

3...duhhh, i forgot. see lost my mind again. damn i hate it when that 

thanks in advance for any and all help/flames/ridicule, after all im not 
smart enough to hide in a corner somewhere.

ps..fuses work on heat much like a light bulb. the filament in a fuse is 
designed to heat up and seperate when the set current (plus a 
percentage) has been reached.  slo blo fuses generaly use a piece of 
ceramic to act as a heat sink to prevent this from happening too 
quickly.  i have had fuses blow from old age as well as they are not 
constantly used and when switched on and off the induced current wears 
at the filament.  most fuses are rated to handle momentary (<1sec) 
surges of energy equal to 200 percent their rating.  if a fuse just 
blows and you replace it with no other blow outs of that fuse it is 
probably due to old age (nothing personal mr masters). if you replace it 
and it blows immediatly, check any inductive loads (ie motors, coils 
etc) that are connected to that fuse, they are almost certainly burnt 
out, although you should also check for rat eatin wires (not unlike my 
spit) for grounds from the back side of the fuse.  hope this helps.

1979 spitfire  #FM99248U

currently topless/wireless/swaybarless/water pump less etc.

wired by a blind orangatan in a dark garage on a moonless 

pardon me i have been looking for myself, have you seen me

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