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Subject: Trailer
From: "Brad Kahler" <>
Date: Wed, 28 Jan 1998 14:23:06 -0600
Comments: Authenticated sender is <>
I would like to thank everyone who responsed with tips on advise on 
buying a trailer.  

Here is what I ended up ordering,

Tandom axle 5 1/2 ft wide (inside wheel covers) by 12 ft long.  
Brakes on 1 axle (technically illegal, supposed to be all axles).
Lights, jack, 2 inch hitch, wood decking with the center boards left 
out.  These can be put in later if I want full decking but I prefer 
the weight savings right now.  Ramps and storage compartment for 
ramps.  Fenders mounted as low as possible to provide door clearance 
for the LBC's.  Total cost delivered was $1150 plus tax.  I opted for 
the extra 6 inches in width on the "just in case" principal.  I 
should be taking delivery in about 2 weeks or so.  I'll report back 
and give you my impressions of the trailer after I recieve it.

What does not come with the trailer are any tie down chains or 
straps, those I have to purchase separately.  I think I found those 
through an add in Hemmings though.

Once again, thanks to all who responded.  


1964 Spitfire4            BFC25720L
1966 TR4A                CT72398L
1951 Dodge Truck    82217766  B-3-B-108

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