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Lucas Manual

To: triumphs@Autox.Team.Net
Subject: Lucas Manual
From: toad <>
Date: Fri, 23 Oct 1998 07:23:54 -0400
Many years ago I was able to make a photocopy of a Lucas Elecrical
Manual.  From time to time it has proven to be invaluable. Would anyone
like a copy of it.
I can have it copied (all 111 pages of it - two sided and unpunched and
no cover or binding.)

Below is an outline of material covered.

Overview of Contents
Lucas Wiring Chart (generic detail) including wiring colour code and
destination table.
Electrical Equipment,  Maintenance Instructions and General Information.
                                - Periodic Attention
                                - General Information
                                - Location and remedy of Faults
Lucas Coil Ignition Equipment and Service Manual        
                                - Coil Ignition Equipment
                                - Transistor Assisted Ignition
                                - Maintenance
                                - Fault Finding

Alternators and Dynamos         - General Information  (Training Centre
                                - Alternator  Model 11AC  10AC  15AC 
                                - Alternator  Model 15ACR  16ACR  17ACR
                                  and 18ACR
                                - 12 volt Dynamo

Alternators  (Training Centre Publication)

Output Control Units            - General Information
                                - Model 4TR  6GC  
                                - Model RB 106/2  and  RB 108
                                - Model  RB 340
Lucas Service Information  "AC Charging Systems"

Ignition                        - General Information
                                - TAC  3 Ignition
                                - TAC  4 Ignition
                                - OPUS Mk 2 Electronic Ignition
                                - Distributors 22D  23D  25D  35D8 43D 
                                  44D and 45D.

If interested please get back to me.


'59 Plus 4  Morgan
'33 Super Sport  Three Wheeler Morgan

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