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TR4A Off with the Head

Subject: TR4A Off with the Head
From: Jerry Oliver <>
Date: Mon, 13 Sep 1999 13:28:13 -0700
Organization: @Home Network
A few weeks ago, my 66 TR4A got very hot and quit. Further exam produced
water coming out of the cylinders, likely a blown head gasket and hoping
for no further damage. I took the head off this morning, and the liners,
valves, a block surface look fine. The gasket was damage at the front
edge on the water jacket between 2 and 3 cylinders. Upon further exam of
the head, it appears British Motor Company, Eugene, Oregon, the
rebuilder (about 300 miles on the engine total) glued a small cracked
piece on to the head with probably JB weld at the driver side rear of
the head. It does not protrude in the gasket surface area, but stops
just short of it. I am going to take the head to my local machine shop
to check the head surface for flat and disassemble the valves and check
them. Should I have that piece welded properly on the head??? I suppose
that means it would need resurfacing? It might be better (and cheaper to
get an exchange head (BPN @ $455.00 exchange). Or is there some one to
do some upgrades to the head since its off anyway? Anyone had experince
with performance options on a TR4A head?  Another question, the pistons
are stamped .040 (40 over). I had assumed that they had installed a new
liner kit, and it would be back to standard. What effect (run hotter?)
would this have? Comments and suggestions invited. Jerry Oliver, Olympia

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