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TR4 Panel Kit - Product Evaluation - Part 2 TRF

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Subject: TR4 Panel Kit - Product Evaluation - Part 2 TRF
From: "Brian Sanborn" <>
Date: Sat, 25 Mar 2000 15:15:02 -0500charset="iso-8859-1"
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Hi gang,

My house is in off the road... so everybody comes up the driveway
and seldom uses the front door area with a big long farmers
porch.  The UPS guy always leaves the stuff outside at the garage
door.  Well... based on input from Brad Kahler that he got a TRF
delivery, I checked the front porch... low and behold a package
had been left by the UPS driver on the farmer's porch and over in
a corner that you don't see it unless you walk down to that end.

The package was my panel kit from TRF.  What a difference in
quality and originality.  The TRF kit does not include the back
close-out panel over the gas tank... I'm guessing, because it was
not included (mine's in good shape).  But everything else that
was there and was the prettiest you ever saw.

All the seams are welded with a very small amount of foam or
something under the vinyl to give some depth.  The door panels
and qtr panels are exact duplicates of the original... maybe
better quality than original.  The hoodstick covers are nicely
done in the same style with all the bend marks and lines welded
in... even the tufts on the back cushion over the hood sticks are

The vinyl is very deep black with smooth white piping.  The wheel
well covers fit nice and come with new foam.  The B-post triangle
piece and trim pieces are all there.

Actually this kit looks like the beautiful tan TR4 panel kit
picture in the Moss catalog.  TRF doesn't do color pictures....
but they sure deliver on the goods.... even if they make you wait
too long.  Actually I would wait as quiet as a mouse if I got an
estimated ship date.... then I could go about my business and
plan the work for when the parts come in.

Right now the backorder doesn't seem to be as much of problem.  I
hope the leather seats ship soon.  In the mean time I have to
tear out the old stuff and start installing the panel kit.

Brian Sanborn
62 TR4  CT16260L - Groton, MA

My TR4 Restoration Web Site

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