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Re: MANUALS for sale

To: jmwagner <>
Subject: Re: MANUALS for sale
From: Tony Gordon <>
Date: Sun, 26 Mar 2000 07:43:42 -0500

Not a flame in sight, just a thank you for offering the items to the list 
when some others on the list never bother to do so but just point us to the 
feeding frenzy of eBay.

I have always found the Triumph list an unfailing source of odd and hard to 
find items, and I would never consider selling anything without at least 
offering my online friends the chance to acquire some of my 
"treasure."  Just hope my wife isn't reading this otherwise a load of stuff 
might appear online real soon!

I am interested in one item, but will save bandwidth and contact you directly.

Tony Gordon
72 TR6
80 Spit

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