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TR4(a) owners ( delete if your crabby today)

Subject: TR4(a) owners ( delete if your crabby today)
Date: Thu, 17 Aug 2000 15:57:02 EDT
    Hey, it's been a great year, I paid off the 5 year loan on my TR4a this 
month and have been able to put 1,400 miles on it this summer. As a mostly 
list lurker, it seems there are more and more TR4(a) owners out there. 
Everytime I see the six-pack TR6 stuff I wonder why nobody has put together a 
TR4(a) sub group. I love all Triumphs but I am obviously mostly focused on 
the TR4(a). Maybe nobody can come up with a cool name like the 6-Pack. Any 
idea's or interest? I'm ready to order hats and T-shirts ( ha ha )

                                        May the 4's be with you

        PS. It's raining here, I guess I'm a little bored


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