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RE: TR-3A Towing Question - Follow Up

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Subject: RE: TR-3A Towing Question - Follow Up
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Date: Thu, 12 Oct 2000 09:19:55 -0400
Could you send a summary of their suggestions?  It might be helpful in the

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> From: Kenneth dahman []
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> Subject:      TR-3A Towing Question - Follow Up
> To: Henry Frye, Doug Ross, Brian Kemp, Brad Kahler (He of many Triumphs),
> and John Macartney from across the pond.
> Many thanks for your replies to our question RE: Tying a TR-3A down on a
> trailer. We appreciate the time that you all took to give us your insight
> on
> this matter.
> We hope that we can help you or others on the list sometime in the future.
> Thanks again.
> Ken and Sue Dahman
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> Proud owners of TS/46295-LO
> VTR 2001 here we come. Maybe the Gold Coast Triumph & British Sports Car
> Club=92s 9th Annual British Classic Car Show too.  8~)

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