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Re: TR6 Radiators

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Subject: Re: TR6 Radiators
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Date: Sat, 14 Jul 2001 21:32:03 -0400
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If it's only a crack on the neck, why not have it soldered at a radiator
Heck, I'd even give JB Weld epoxy a shot at it. I once fixed a cracked
alternator case with this stuff! The 13 psi cap shouldn't be any problem.

Paul Burr
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Subject: TR6 Radiators

> Yesterday while driving my '71 TR6 (just about the only British car I've
> ever owned that absolutely WILL NOT overheat, even in parades) I smelled
> coolant.  Upon inspection, I found coolant seeping from the the raditor
> cap. After it cooled down, I pulled the very original-looking cap and
> the gasket was indeed rather deteriorated.
> But the real problem was that the radiator neck had cracked where the
> cap goes on. Bummer. No car show for the TR6 tomorrow!
> So 2 questions:
> 1. Is there a "preferred" radiator out there?  (I've found a company
> that carries the Moss version at $212; TRF is a bit more, but if there's
> a difference I want to buy the best, not just the cheapest.)
> 2. My original-looking cap is 13psi. The books show that a '71 should be
> 7psi; only laters had a 13.  Since I've had no problems running a 13psi
> cap (for several years) is there any reason I shouldn't continue to run
> it? Were any other changes made in '72 to support the 13psi cap?
> Thanks!
> Bill Elliott
> Lake Barrington, IL

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