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Spitfire rear spring plans

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Subject: Spitfire rear spring plans
From: David Templeton <>
Date: Tue, 9 Oct 2001 22:30:20 -0400
Hi all,

Well the weather is starting to get frightful and it is that time of year
again, time to start laying out the winter projects.  The first thing to
start planning for is the rebuild/reconstruction of the rear spring for the
spitsix.  I currently have 3 spare springs, plus the one on the car. My
initial plan is have a local spring shop (Breslau Springs for the locals),
make me a "new" spring from 2 of the existing.  This shop previously built a
set of springs the same way for my old pickup and they worked great. They
took the leafs apart and individually took the best and rearced to the
correct shape and tension. In the process they added a couple of extra leafs
to stiffen the springs. They also build springs for trucks so they have the
heavy equipement. 
They would do the same to the spit spring and add a extra leaf to the middle
for a little extra stiffness under the middle load. Question one, what is
the unlaiden distance to the center of the arc supposed to be?  The distance
from the flat to the highest point? 

I am thinking of a poly bushing kit while everything is apart. A set of
adjustable shocks and new u-joints ( a little clunck has developed ). 

Did I miss anything? She is used as a daily summer driver and a spirited
driver on weekends.  Since I have been into building the TR3a, I have now a
little experience with rear seals, bearings etc. Is this something that
should be changed while there?

David Templeton 
'59 TR3a (almost painted)
'74 spitsix

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