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Re: First Kabul Air Show

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Subject: Re: First Kabul Air Show
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Date: Mon, 15 Oct 2001 00:23:38 +0100
I hope this post is not seen to be a move on my part to be taking the
moral high ground but earlier today I received a generally circulated
post with this broad title. I like to think I'm a broad-minded person
and I hope its author doesn't reside on this list and I cannot imagine
why tat person should think any of this material would be welcomed by
any of us.
Personally, I think it's in very poor taste and not in the least
amusing. Mark Bradakis has made space on the server for WTC related
posts and if this thread has any place - and I don't think it does -
then that is where it should go. We all have our specific views of
what should be done to avenge the WTC outrage and some of these have
appeared on the British car lists to a far more limited extent than I
would have thought.
However, it is clear the material's author has as scant a regard for
humanity under the heel of the Taliban in Afghanistan, as the
perpetrators of the horrors of September 11 in New York. Those guilty
were almost certainly not the Afghan population as a whole and I feel
whoever is responsible for this so-called attempt at humour would do
well to put him/herself on the receiving end of the fireworks show -
just for the experience. As I know to my own cost, having found myself
involuntarily and as a non-involved civilian in Iraq during the Gulf
War, the combined firepower of NATO forces, with the carnage,
mutilation and devastation it brings as part of the deal, is anything
but funny. In fact, it's bloody terrifying - and should never to be
twisted into a form that purports to provide amusement. I doubt I will
ever be able to satisfactorily erase many mental pictures of that
period. One of them is of an Iraqi woman, devoid of clothing, one
breast and both legs blown off, while holding her dead baby and
screaming in agony and hysteria for half an hour before she died. That
sort of thing has almost inevitably happened at the Kabul Air Show -
and I suspect that worse on a wider scale is probably to come.
Rant mode off.

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