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Re: Static Cling Triumph List Decals

To: "Scott A. Roberts" <>
Subject: Re: Static Cling Triumph List Decals
From: Joe Curry <>
Date: Sat, 02 Mar 2002 08:52:35 -0700
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Get me the design and the demand and I'll do them.  If there are 200 or more, I 
can do them for the same $2.00 cost as the list decals!


"Scott A. Roberts" wrote:
> Joe & Listerati-
> I actually had a thought yesterday(one which did NOT die of loneliness) for
> something in your(Joe Curry's)  area which might be of interest...
> I have noticed a trend, in recent years, wherein the auto assembly plants
> are putting little "Proudly Made In Wherever" stickers on the windows of new
> cars. Usually they have a map of the state, with a star indicating the
> assembly plant.
> Why not do something like that for Triumphs?
> Suggestion would be a Triumph badge, with a map of England superimposed, the
> star indicating the factory, and around the circumference a statement
> "Proudly Made In England With The Latest LUCAS Technology" or "Proudly Made
> In Coventry By Fine British Craftsmen"
> I think the graphics would be fairly straightforward, and simple, and they
> could be innocuously placed in the lower corner of the windshield. A great
> way for non-Triumphists to find a little history, while mucking about the
> latest trends...
> Any interest? I'd love to throw one in my window! (Personally, I prefer the
> line "Made in Coventry by Fine British Craftsmen using the latest LUCAS
> technology!")
> Scott

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