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RE: Wheel Balancing at Home

To: "Triumphs" <>
Subject: RE: Wheel Balancing at Home
From: "Randall Young" <>
Date: Tue, 18 May 2004 06:51:11 -0700
>       Do any other listers balance their wheels themselves? Am I crazy for
> thinking about doing it myself?

Bill, I sometimes balance my own with a bubble balancer, and sometimes use a
shop that uses a bubble balancer.  Seems to work fine, as long as the wheel
is in good shape.  But my balancer centers on the center hole, while the car
centers on the lug holes, so if the wheel isn't perfect ...

There are bubble balancers that center on the lug holes, but they are much
more expensive.  Someday I plan to machine a plate to convert my bubble

FWIW, my motorhome once had a terrible front end vibration problem (shimmy).
Took it to a friend that ran a tire shop, he bubble balanced the front
wheels and the problem disappeared !  He claimed bubble balancing was
actually more accurate than spin balancing, and said he had cured several
cars by bubble balancing.  His balancer of course engaged the lug holes, so
I suspect it was the same "inaccurate center hole" problem ... I've never
seen a spin balancer that engaged the lug holes (except of course for the
on-car kind).


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