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Re: I did it

Subject: Re: I did it
Date: Wed, 18 Aug 2004 13:02:58 -0500
>purchased what appears to be an original, slightly worn TR3 last night on

Congrats.  I hope it is all you expect and more.

>It is 
>in West Virginia and I on Long Island New York. If the plans work out I 
>to have it here within 2 weeks. My debate being if I will drive it home or
>trailer it.

I suggest you do what I did when I bought our TR4 up from Texas in year

Your trip looks about 650 miles long.  Plan on taking two days.  Line up
party for the overnight.  Start now to procure the locations and phone
numbers of every internet britcar-fanatic between the location of the car
and where you live.  Take this list with you.  Pack a small case with some
basic tools and fly, bus or train to the location and close the deal.

I had a wonderful time on my trip.  I took 5 days to go 1300 miles.  Along
the way I drove a borrowed Lotus at an autocross and partied with autocross
and britcar folks in three different states, three times in Texas alone. 
I'm gratefull to all the folks, whether I got to meet them on the trip or
not.  They all know that I'm ready to help them if they ever need to pass
through Minnesota.

The folks on are great people, and there are a lot
of them.  You should be able to create a safety net for a driving trip. 
And trust me, they want to see your car.  So set a date and start planning
your adventure!

Phil Ethier

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