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Re: [TR] RE: TR4A Fan Extension Problem

Subject: Re: [TR] RE: TR4A Fan Extension Problem
Date: Mon, 1 May 2006 15:22:11 EDT
In a message dated 5/1/2006 10:53:02 AM Mountain Standard Time, writes:

As to  the new 1/2" belt conversion that Moss sells, I can't say how  the
crankshaft "dampener" pulley compares to say BFE's comparable part. I  am
going to talk to Harry at Moss tomorrow to see what he says. I may email  Ken
Gilanders too. Mosses part is about $100.00 cheaper which is all I know  at
this point.

Let us know what he says.  I bought the Moss part, but haven't  installed it 
yet.  My plan is to eliminate the fan extension all together  and go with an 
electric puller fan.
Robert  Houston
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