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[TR] TR6 Trailing Arm Dimensions

To: <>
Subject: [TR] TR6 Trailing Arm Dimensions
From: "Scott Tilton" <>
Date: Mon, 28 Aug 2006 16:13:07 -0400
            Hey out there,

I was looking for any sort of drawing showing dimensions of TR-6
trailing arms.

I guess the important part (for what I'm looking at) is the relationship
between the axis formed by the holes for the bushings where it mounts to
the chassis, and the axis formed by the centerline of the rear axle
(attached to the hub)

Since those two axes are non-parallel and non intersecting - I guess I
also would like to know the positions along those axes of the busing
bores, and the face where the brake backing plate bolts up to it.

Yeah yeah yeah -  I know - more information than you want.

End result is -does anyone have drawings showing this type of

Or perhaps have done some detailed measuring on your own. (God Bless you
if you have tried this)

Thanks in advance.

Scott Tilton

In Leesburg, VA

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